Surface Neo & Windows 10X
Many Postures, 
One System
Until now, professionals had two choices for large screen mobile productivity: laptops optimized for precision and power at the expense of simplicity and portability or tablets optimized for simplicity and portability at the expense of precision and power.
I led a team of designers that erased that line by defining a new computing platform designed from the ground up for truly professional productivity everywhere.
My Role
I managed a team of designers that defined the core software product experience for Windows 10X for dual screen devices. In addition to that, I was the virtual lead for defining software experiences. This was done in partnership with a huge team of PMs, Engineers, Researchers and other design teams across Microsoft including Windows, Office and Surface. I led this effort from January 2015 to October 2018. 
So, what does that mean specifically?
- Product Insights and Market Fit
- Product Vision and Strategy
- Product Planning
- Design Execution
- Design Leadership
​​​​​​​Surface Neo and Windows 10X were just announced and many of the specific product details are still confidential.
I will be adding case studies for various parts of the product as more details become public.
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